Kelly Frazier

President / Executive Producer

Kelly Frazier received a  Degree in Film/Television from Baylor University. Since then she has studied Spanish in South America and trained as a pilot. While shooting all over the world, she has honed her skills as a Producer in commercials, music videos, television, film and the internet.

Kelly began her career as a Production Assistant and worked her way up to Executive Producer doing every production job there is along the way.  She is down to earth and people trust her because she knows the business from the ground up. 

Kelly is a master at toeing the line between creative execution and budgetary realities. She makes the most of a budget while keeping the atmosphere on set playful and fun.  Her motto: “Do it well or don’t do it at all.” She also dabbles in the restaurant business with two successful launches and a third on the way in 2010, one of her other mottos being “Life is too short to have a bad meal!”.

Some of Kelly's credits include: Streets of Laredo, Dead Man’s Walk, Desperado, The Gambler, Beverly Hills 90210, numerous music videos.  To find out more about Kelly click on the links below:




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